Water Front District Block

3D Model

Blue World City Waterfront Block is the new addition to the magnificent project of Blue World. This new edition is a lavish block where the inmates will enjoy their lives near dancing fountains and other royal views. However, the water district won’t be known just for water views but for worthy restaurants and high-class residents.

It was launched after the demand for a luxurious residential facility that is on par with world metropolitans. The broad walk lanes, marshes, and Charleston harbor will make it an attraction for tourists. Those who avail of a plot here will have the golden opportunity to enjoy a standard life with all comfy facilities.

Blue World City Waterfront Block NOC

Blue World City Waterfront block NOC is the same as the authorization issued by Rawalpindi Development Authority via ‘Letter no. 532/10/DC Dated: 07-08-2018’ and district council. The conflict regarding the issuance of NOC was solved by marking the area of jurisdiction of the mentioned authorities.

Blue World City Waterfront Block NOC shows that it is a completely reliable project and will bring investors NOC. Furthermore, due to the legal status of Blue World City Waterfront, the number of interested customers is growing. Thus far, there have been many plots registered in the Blue World City Waterfront, while the remaining few will be sold soon.

Blue World City Waterfront Block Location

Blue World City Waterfront Block location shows that it is close to Overseas Block. It is directly accessible from Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. Along with that, it can also be accessed from the Chakri interchange. It lies at 30 minutes distance from Rawalpindi 32 minutes from Islamabad, while Capital Smart City can be accessed with a commute of 12 minutes.

Blue World City Waterfront Block Payment Plan

Blue World City Waterfront Block payment plan shows that there are 3 plot sizes available for sale. These include 150 sq. yard, 300 sq. yard, and 450 sq. yard plots. The Blue World City Waterfront Block payment plan is flexible, so the customers can easily afford these plots.

They can avail 150 sq. yard plot with the registration cost of 1,750,000 while the down payment is 175,000. Furthermore, there is a choice of monthly 40 installments, while there are 8 half-yearly installments. The value of each half-yearly installment is 98,438.

Blue World City Waterfront Block plots for sale include 300 sq. yards and 450 sq. yards as well. The registration cost is 3,150,000 and 4,200,000 respectively. The 8 half-yearly installments are 177,188 and 236,250, respectively.

The customer can choose a plot of their choice in the Blue World City Waterfront Block.

Prominent Features

Blue World City Waterfront block will be known for the following features.

  • Water Belts
  • Dancing Fountains
  • Cinema
  • Outdoor entertainment facilities
  • Water-side food street


Waterfront Block in the Blue World City is an opportunity to live a lavish life in the heart of Islamabad. The customers can avail of it as there is yet a small number of plots left. Once they are sold, they might hardly avail the opportunity to get a plot there. The affordability and prime location of this block give it a significant place.