Blue World City Islamabad is an approved project that has been recognized by provincial and federal authorities. It is the flagship project of Blue Group of Companies which gives is special importance. It is being developed keeping in view the growing business and residential needs in Islamabad. It will be equally beneficial to commercial and residential investors.

In the initial stage, it faced issues in the approval from Rawalpindi Development Authority over its NOC approval.

Importance of NOC for a Project

NOC is a document that affirms that legitimacy of a housing project. The developers of Blue World City Islamabad had a special focus on fulfilling the requirements for NOC approval. If a project is given NOC, it can continue without any hurdles regarding development and sale of land.

If the NOC of a project is not approved, the investors might face problems in acquiring land and its development.

Blue World City Islamabad – NOC Approval

The developers of Blue World City Islamabad began their efforts as they began working on this project. These included the fulfillment of the basics while also working on preparing documents. The then authority that dealt with issues related to NOC and approval was Rawalpindi Development Authority, which issued an NOC vide ‘DA/MP&TF/F-PHS-PTR-10/148.’ It was issued on February 19, 2019.

The initial NOC was regarding the acquisition of 427 Kanal land. Later the structural changes led to transfer of authority of District Council Rawalpindi. The developers worked on acquiring NOC from RDA to make it legitimate.

Blue World City NOC – Latest Updates

Once the issue of area of jurisdiction between Rawalpindi Development Authority and District Council Rawalpindi arose, the developers of BWC filed a petition. The decision came in favor of Blue World City and its NOC was approved by District Council Rawalpindi. According to the latest updates, the developers have NOC for about 10,000 kanal land. Different blocks will be developed on the mentioned land. The latest NOC for Blue World City Islamabad was approved in December 2021.

The decision came as the approval of the authority of District Councils in their mentioned areas.

The society has a scope of about 10,000 kanal area for different blocks. As it is a joint venture by Pakistani and Chinese corporate organizations, it will develop into a marvelous residential project. The change in situation for Blue World City came as the result of the transition of authority from city developmental authorities in Punjab to local district councils. The decision was taken in 2021.

RDA and District Council Approval

As said earlier, RDA approved BWC initially, and now District Council has also authorized it. The district council approved the NOC for Blue World City in December 2021, after it was given the authority regarding housing societies.

Blue world city Islamabad NOC


Blue World City is a completely legitimate project and the investors can continue their payments without any worries.