General Block

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Blue World City Islamabad is an innovative project aiming to provide comfy and lavish residential facilities in Islamabad. The developers have chosen an accessible location and kept the prices in an affordable range for customers. One of the most significant blocks in Blue World City is the General Block.

The modern lifestyle and comprehensive facilities make it stand out from any other residential society in Islamabad. Moreover, blue World City Islamabad is located close to Chakri interchange and thus accessible from different parts of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The accessible location is the key reason that it has prime status in the developing parts of the twin cities.

Because of the special status that the Blue World City General Block has, it has been assigned a special location. The map for the said residential society shows that it is close to the Premium Block Expansion and thus easily accessible directly from Chakri road.

Blue World City General Block – Owners and Developers

Blue World City is a joint venture by the Blue Group of Companies and Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company. The developmental work has continued at a fast pace while the developers aim at making it an infrastructural wonder in Islamabad.

The mentioned developers have years of experience in real estate development and management. Their significant developmental projects include Blue Properties, Brands Square, Blue Bricks, Mart Blue, etc.

Blue World City General Block Map

Blue World City General block map shows an exquisitely prime location with easy accessibility. Also, this block has been focused on by the developers, especially for exceptional infrastructural development.

According to the developers, the Blue World City general block is a complete package in itself that offers a high standard of living at an affordable cost. The immaculate design, eco-friendly infrastructure, and family-friendly environment make it the best choice available in Islamabad. In addition, the map shows that its design has been kept in a manner that places it in a secure location, not compromising on the protection of the inmates.

Blue World City General Block map has been designed by development and planning experts of the top cadre in Pakistan. They have reviewed it from multiple perspectives to ensure that it is error-free and doesn’t impact the infrastructure or comfort of the inmates. The map shows that there are both commercial and residential plots in the mentioned block. Therefore, it will make it possible for the residents to fulfill their life needs without going through long commutes.   

Blue World City Islamabad General Block – Payment Plan

The Blue World City General Block payment plan for the residential and commercial plots has been given as follows. There are plots of various sizes that include the residential plots of 5 marla, 8 marla, 10 marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal, while 5 marla commercial plots are also available. A detailed overview of the Blue World City General Block payment plan has been given as follows.

The 5 marla plot is available at the total price of 1,490,000, and the down payment for it is 149,000.

The customers can avail of 10 marla plots at 2,290,00, while they will have to pay 2,290,00 in down payment.

1 Kanal plot is available at 3,430,000 while the price of 2 Kanal plots is 6,640,500. If a customer is interested in a 5 marla commercial plot, they can avail of it at 7,200,000 while its down payment is 720,000.

Sector 1 – Blue World City

Blue World City General Block payment plan for Sector 1 shows that there are two types of plots available. These include the sizes of 5 marla and 10 marla. The total registration cost for 5 marla plots is 1,690,000, and the down payment is 507,000. In addition, the customer will have to pay 12 monthly installments of 70,417.

The 10 marla plot has a registration cost of 2,600,000, while the down payment is 780,000. The 12 monthly installments are 108,334 each.

Sector 2 – Blue World City

General Block Blue World City Sector has 5 marla and 10 marla plots. The registration cost of 5 marla plots is 1,590,000 while that of 10 marla is 2,450,000. The 12 monthly installments are 66,250 for 5 marla while 102,084 for 10 marla.

Sector 4 – General Block Blue

General Block Blue World City Sector 4 shows that it has 5 marla plots available. These plots require an initial registration cost of 1,490,000. At the same time, the 12 monthly installments are 62.084.

 Sector 5 -Blue World City Islamabad General Block

Sector 5 of Blue World City General Block has sizes of 500 sq. yard and 1000 sq. yard residential plots available. The total cost of a 500-yard plot is 4,500,000, while that of 1000 yard is 7,900,000. There are 12 monthly installments for each. For 500 yd, it is 187,500 while that for 1000 sq. yard is 329,167.

Blue World City General Block – Facilities

Blue World City General Block has the same facilities as other blocks. It will have well-built roads, paved footpaths, an eco-friendly environment, and security for the inmates. In addition, it ensures that water, electricity, and gas supply are ensured.

Health and educational facilities add to the amenities available.


Blue World City General Block is an affordable block in Blue World City. However, according to the latest data, the number of plots available in this block is limited. So it is a rare opportunity that the customers can avail themselves at affordable costs.