Blue World City Islamabad is aimed at making a futuristic housing project. It will offer the best available services in Islamabad. It is being developed close to CPEC, it will open up huge investment opportunities. As CPEC is being developed, it will attract Chinese investors and population, making it a success.

Some of the main features of this project are given as follows.

Water, Electricity, and Gas

The developers have started to work on preparing infrastructure for water, gas, and electricity. Blue World City will offer uninterrupted services of water, gas, and electricity as they are the basic necessities.

Water Park

A theme-based water park is being developed in Blue World City which will add entertainment services to the inmates. It will be equally beneficial for people of different ages.

Commercial Facilities

Commercial facilities of different categories will be available as the developers have planned a commercial block in the Blue World City. It will bring world-class brands to this housing project.  

Educational Facilities

Education is one of the basic needs and the developers of Blue World City Islamabad have planned a special block for educational purposes. It will have schools, colleges, and other educational institutions.

Health Facilities

Health is one of the main priorities of the developers of the Blue World City. It will have high-end hospitals and health units that will serve those in need. These hospitals will have qualified staff and high-end facilities.


The infrastructure of Blue World City Islamabad will set new standards of development. The global exposure of the developers will make it a masterpiece of development.


Blue World City Islamabad will be a secure housing project as the inmates will be protected through multiple layers of security. These include boundary walls, CCTV cameras, and security personnel. All these will make it possible to keep this project safe.

Gated Community

Bleu World City Islamabad is a gated community that will offer security and exclusive entry to the inmates, making it secure and reliable.

Sports Facilities

Sports is one of the basic needs and the developers have planned facilities like gym, sports grounds, swimming area, etc. for the inmates. These will help keep the inmates stay fit and healthy.


Blue World City Islamabad has been planned as a sustainable project. It will ensure that zero-waste policy is adopted while the infrastructure doesn’t cause any harm to the environment.

Easy Installments

Blue World City Islamabad payment plan ensures that affordability is no more a problem. The customers can pay for their plots with the ease of multiple payment plans available.

High ROI

Blue World City Islamabad will offer high ROI compared to other housing projects in Islamabad because of its location and speedy development.

Peace and Tranquility

Blue World City Islamabad is located in a peaceful area where the inmates will enjoy a tranquil life. It will be accessible but no compromising on the peace of the inmates.